5 Reasons Facebook’s Instant Articles Are Great For Entrepreneurs

By Greg | Content Marketing

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Facebook's Instant Articles is Powerful for Content Marketers!

However, not many Entrepreneurs know the power of this platform and the positive results realized by leveraging it.

As a result, I decided to share the top 5 reasons Facebook's Instant Articles is awesome!

But first, let me share a video that was posted some time ago that explains what Instant articles is all about.

The Value of Facebook's Instant Articles

The rollout of Instant Articles has been slow, which allowed the larger publishers to test the platform.

The original goal was to keep people and eyeballs on Facebook.  Load times were slow for articles.  And as we all know now, that load times directly effect the bounce rate.  

If you are unaware the bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

If the content takes too long to load, people jump.

But I digress...

HootSuite wrote an update on their results after using the Instant Articles platform, and it is worth repeating.  Basically, an article that was originally posted to Facebook as a post on their website and then posted it on the Instant Articles platform was used for the comparison.

Here are their results:

  • Load Speeds (These articles load 10x faster - which helps all below)
  • 37 percent increase in reach
  • 22 percent increase in shares
  • 83 percent increase in Likes
  • 57 percent increase in link clicks

Suffice to say, Instant Articles had our attention.  @Hootsuite results with #instantarticles

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The Problem With Facebook's Instant Articles

With this success and the Instant Article platform rolled out to to all, you would think that all Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs would jump on it.

Well that is not so easy!


Because it is hard for you to get your articles on the platform.?  Not from a procedural perspective but because the coding and html is not so easy.

And because of this there is a barrier to entry for most of us content marketers.

The Solution For Facebook's Instant Articles

But there is good news for those that want to take advantage of this awesome platform.

This solution is designed for the Solopreneur / Entrepreneur.

I hoped you enjoyed this article, if you did please use the share button and tell others.

If you have a comment, question, or feedback, let me know below! 🙂


Greg Meares - Instant Articles

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