"When We Are No Longer Able to Change a Situation, We Are Challenged to Change Ourselves."

~ Viktor Frankl

Greg Meares

Having spent the past 7 years as a Consultant my skills as a thought leader and an authority in my field have exponentially improved.

I am grateful for that. But not all of the lessons have been enjoyable.

There have been times when all I wanted to do is let the client know, "listen, I have deployed this initiative 100 of times and it works. And it will work for your operations.  Your life will get better. Your frustration level will be cut in half. The performance of your operations will exceed your expectations." 

But I guess when you have been so close to it for so long, then it is hard to see the forest through the trees.

Identification of Operational Best Practices Has Been Rewarding

I've traveled internationally, as well as, domestically and have worked on very large and exciting projects.

I've seen it all.

Most of the operations have been global in nature and have spanned many interesting locations.

I've worked in Malaysia, Philippines, Brazil, India and of course in many locations in the United States.

I've tested many initiatives to improve different operations that include the BPO/Call Center, and Back Office functions.

I've seen what has worked and what hasn't in many different industries. This experience is powerful.

And I leverage this experience for my clients every day.

I utilize many of the methodologies in Lean Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Continuous Education

Although I have gotten exceptional at improving service while reducing cost, I wanted to learn more and use this for my client's benefits.

Currently, I am enrolled and taking the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt curriculum to complete my certification from Villanova and establish myself as a fully certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

This is expected to be achieved by February 2017.

What Greg Meares is Doing Now

Currently, I am working on a client engagement in Chicago.

Essentially the scope of my work includes building out a customer support and revenue-generating customer interfacing solutions that can grow with the organization.

Their strategic plan calls for them to grow by 1700% over the next five years.

Aggressive I know but they are in the process of meeting their numbers now.

They need the organization's operational functions to be able to logically and efficiently support this growth.

That is what I'm here for.

Transformation Leadership and Call Best Practices Are My Passions

Interestingly, I've been forced to come up with solutions my 26 years in the workforce to dramatic (and not so dramatic) challenges teams are faced with on a daily basis.

Here are resources that I put together to actually solve problems for myself and my team's and for client's that had been challenged with their own performance issues.

These solutions have been tested in 100's of operations with outstanding results.

I'm very proud of these resources and feel fortunate to share with you, tools that have helped improve performance on so many levels, and in so many industries.


Employee Engagement

This resource is amazing and I stumbled on it when I walked into a crisis at a new organization I had just joined. I say crisis because the client was pissed, we were missing just about every goal possible and my time was very limited to fix this mess. Learn about and how this solution can help you and what PRIDE Teams stands for.

Call Center Games

What is the root cause of poor performance? I bet you're dealing with it even if you don't know it. Call Center Games is a perfect solution that injects healthy competition and drives performance at all levels. Discover how Call Center Games can smash your number 1 performance killer.

Call Center Games

Leading for Results

Transformational Leadership

Do you know which is the most important role in your frontline organization? I do, and if you spend a little time developing their skills the level of performance you will achieve is amazing. Not to mention what it will do for your career. Be recognized as an authority. Learn How Leading for Results will rock your operations!

Performance Management Process

Do your supervisors or team leads know how to handle a non-performer? Do they know the steps to take to optimize performance so goals can be achieved? This very simple to implement 4-step process works every time. Just follow this process a viola! Learn More.

Performance Management Process

The Role of a Supervisor

The Role of a Supervisor

If you value clearly defined objectives and expectations then this module is for you. Often times we ask new Team Leads or Supervisors to jump in and take a team to top-notch performance. But are they prepared? Check This Out Here!

Positive Leadership

I'm always shocked by the lack of positivity that goes on in organizations. It is proven (just look at the stats) that positive leadership always gets better results. It improves the financials and I always provide this module to my leadership team because using these tactics work so well. Learn More!

Positive Leadership

Listening Skills

Listening Skills

This is a resource that is great for leaders as well as call center agents. Effective relationships and ability to actively listen have a very positive effect on your organization and your customers. Learn how I always run my employees through this resource.

Call Center Best Practices VIP Membership

Imagine having a consultant sitting by your side? You can bet that would reduce time wasted, reduce stress and allow you to be on top as a leader in the call center environment. Basically, you will have a go-to resource for all of your questions and needs. Don't take my word for it. Learn More Here!

Call Center Best Practices

As I mentioned before, these resources help expedite your goals and objectives. I highly recommend you give them a try because they all come with an amazing guarantee!

Thank you for learning more about me.

If you have any questions or would just like to connect with me then I urge you to reach out to me here or visit my LinkedIn profile.

To your success,

Greg Meares