About Greg Meares

Life Is An Adventure...

Of course this all depends on the path you choose.

For a long time I didn't choose, I let life choose it for me.  

...and when you buck the system, life can be a bitch to navigate.  Sometimes I've failed and sometimes I've done alright.

Here I share more about me personally and professionally because sometimes they merge.  My passions are eclectic and you will see that, but one thing is true, I am focused on becoming better each and every day.

And helping those that ask!

3 Main Passions for Greg Meares?

Let's first start by pointing out this quote below.  I'm a firm believer that this is true.  But to fully believe, you must have a "Growth Mindset."  

Formal Education Will Make You a Living: Self-Education Will Make You a Fortune - Jim Rohn

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Everything I do is try to learn more.  In fact, my kids and my ex-wife use to say, "you ask too many questions!"  I guess that does get annoying.  But I always want to know as much information as I can to make a very informed decision.

Ok, so I tried to organize this information to be easy to read, if you are so inclined to learn about me!  🙂

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  • Leadership
  • Call Center Performance
Greg Meares the Lifestyle Entrepreneur

In El Nido, Palawan, Philippines on recent trip

Unfortunately I woke up a couple of years ago and realized that my ladder was leaning against the wrong wall.

I realized that I wanted do something different. Something exciting!  

At the time I wasn't exactly sure, but through many struggles I started to figure it out.  

... and that bring me to my current state.

It's important to know your why and also know that it changes.  Which I think is normal.

I made a video and a post (it will open in a new window.

Greg Meares and Know Your Why

Know Your Why

I can go on and on, but I'm afraid I might bore you!  So a lot of what I am doing from this perspective can be viewed at my youtube channel.  While there please subscribe! 🙂

But here are few pics of this that are important to me (click them to enlarge):

Greg Meares and Kylee

Greg and Kylee in NC

Greg Meares and Daughters

Me and Both Daughters

Old House - Greg Meares

View from Old House - 🙁

Greg Meares in El Nido

El Nido, Palawan, the Philippines

Greg Meares Enjoying the Views

Me Trying to Be Cool

El Nido and Greg Meares

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

I like to travel and have the ability to work from any where.  As long as I have Internet I can work and enjoy the new locations.

I've put tools together that are designed to educate and help you achieve this goal as well.?  

In fact, most of them allow you to get the resell rights and make money from these tools as well and keep 100% of the profit! 🙂

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