Becoming a Minimalist

By Greg | Entrepreneur

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Becoming a Minimalist is not easy!

But screw it, I'm going to try.

Why not?  

Life seems so much simpler and less stressful without all the stuff to hold you down.

Funny thing is that minimalism is not something new, seems that many try to go that way.  

Giving up your STUFF is hard but as I mention in the video, I have learned to live out of a suitcase.  

Each trip I took for work, the less important all my stuff became at home.  

My First Step To Minimalism

Well just because I think it is an easier life to have less things, please don't confuse that with not having any money.

I'm selling my stuff.  In fact, I will sell it for as much money as I can get. šŸ™‚

Having less stuff, i.e becoming a minimalist, works well with travel and becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur.  This is my goal.

Owning too much just slows you down and can prevent you from having views like this:

Becoming a Minimalist

This picture was taken from my bungalow

So my point about becoming a minimalist really works if you are already leaning towards the travel lifestyle.

And it works really well if you are a Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

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Selling Stuff To Become a Minimalist

I'm not sure how this will really go, because so far it is clear I will need a lot of patience. People really do not know what they want.  So there is a lot of communication online discussing and negotiating, and people always want an amazing deal even if they only offer pennies on the dollar.

Wish me luck!  šŸ™‚

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