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Best WordPress Theme and How I Use It!

As you know I'm a huge fan of WordPress when building all of my online properties.  I've used all the different solutions out there and works best for my business.

There's one group I use to get all of my WordPress Themes and Plugins from.  In fact, I share how I built this site and another one that is all about Transformational Leadership.

Here's the short video on that topic...

Resources Referenced In Video

Here's the links and tools I referenced in the video.  

I know you will find them incredibly useful.

  • Thrive Leads - Amazing tools to help build your list bigger and faster.
  • Quiz Builder - Outstanding and very intuitive tool to help engage subscribers and even segment.
  • Lead Magnet Conversion - This is a set of 9-videos to help you develop a successful lead magnet and build your list.  Works great with Thrive Leads.

I've been using WordPress for many years to build my business and share ideas.  I love the power of WordPress.

And when you learn to get better at using this resource (WordPress) then you end up saving money.

How so?

Simple, once you realize that WordPress and the use of many great plugins, provides you a complete system for your online business.

Best WordPress Theme That I Use.

I've used all of the Themes provided by Thrive Themes.  They are all good and easily customizable.  

However, lately my favorite seems to be Pressive?.  That's the theme used for this site.

The functionality is amazing and I really like how it looks.

What are your thoughts?

Do you like this theme or do you recommend another one?

Let use know by using the comments section below.  And if you like this video and article please use the share buttons under the video and let others see what you are looking at.?

Thanks again!?

Greg Meares

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