Cheap Airline Flights That Will Save You Thousands

By Greg Meares | Travel

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Cheap Airline Flights

I'm an avid traveler and my buddy showed me a cool site that taught me how to award stack.  It is a cool Airline Loophole that I hadn't even thought of.  You can read the rest of the article and look at the pics below.  Click on them they enlarge.

If You're a Traveler, I bet You'll Like Cheap Airline Flights Without Having To Fly On Discount Airlines?

LOL, does that make sense.

What I mean is that you can get cheap airline flights on tier one airline carriers.

But let me step back for a moment and explain how I know this.  

Back in 2010 I started traveling heavily.  Most of it was paid for by my company but some of it wasn't.  

Here are just a few pictures of some of my cool travel destinations:

Get Here with Cheap Airline Flights
Cheap Airline Flights

I had grown accustomed to enjoying great seats and the nice perks provided by my company.

But I didn't get that when I traveled on my own dime.

Then a buddy of mine introduced me to a site online.  

In the video on the page a system called award stacking is discussed.  Wow, if I didn't know better, I would have thought this was illegal.

It works and many in our group are saving a bundle by using this method.

I hope you liked this little travel tip.

I know many of my readers are travelers, so I thought it would be a nice way of paying it forward.


Greg Meares

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