What Lifestyle Do You Want? Enjoy the Crystal Coast, Beaufort, NC, North Carolina – Real Estate

By Greg | Entrepreneur

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The Crystal Coast, Beaufort North Carolina is an amazing place!

I'm fortunate I am able to enjoy it.

I travel a lot and enjoy both time and location freedom.?

I made a short video about living on the Crystal Coast, check it out!?

What Lifestyle Do You Want? Enjoy the Crystal Coast, Beaufort, NC, North Carolina - Real Estate

My grandfather once referred to this area as “God’s Country”

And as you can see he was right.

Hi Im Greg and very fortunate to have spent my summers on the Crystal Coast as a child.

Both my parents grew up in this area. And during the summers while we lived in California, we would spend time with my grandparents here in North Carolina.

At the time I didn’t realize how lucky I was, but I guess when you’re a kid these things go over your head.

I’ve spent the last 20 years in Texas, and although I miss Texas I feel I’m lucky to be back on the Crystal coast for the moment.

I try to spend my time traveling, because my passion and goal is time and location freedom. And to me that is living well.?

Beaufort Was Discovered and Part of the Crystal Coast?

Back in the late 70s early 80s Beaufort, NC was discovered. It still has the quint old fisherman’s village feel to it however it has become one of the great spots to visit on the Eastern coast in North Carolina.

These pics (in the video) are from one of my moms clients new homes. She’s a real estate broker and knows this area inside and out.

If you need a great Real Estate Broker on the Crystal Coast, then check her out.

The Crystal Coast Made Me Realize?

One of the realizations I had ( sometimes this comes with age) is that time is most important to me. But to fully enjoy this you have to create an environment that allows you to enjoy your time, allow you to travel and not have to worry about cash.

I've had the opportunity to travel to many cool places…

I’m grateful for that.

And to my grandfathers statement that this is God’s country…

I have to agree but will add this, this is just one of many locations that can be considered God’s country.

I hope you liked the pictures and I hope you take action - check out the video.

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Thank you for reading and watching the video! 🙂


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