Life Is Not Fair

By Greg | Entrepreneur

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Life is not Fair!

Anybody that says it is, is bullshitting you...

But that's ok, honestly.  Because these challenges mold us.  Help us understand and form our character.

What we do when we get knocked down is really the only thing that is important.

life is not fair


When Life Is Not Fair, How Do You Respond?

You have two choices.

  • Lay down and cry like a sissy! 🙁
  • Or get up and dust yourself off.

?I've been knocked down so much over the past couple of years, it would have been easy taking the sissy way out.  But shit, that would have been too easy (yet the hardest in the long run.)

I will say that I am proud of myself.  Proud because I never give up.  I keep at it.  

My critics, (and I have many) believe that I should stop what I am doing? and go get a job.


I mentioned this before, and it has become the basis for my rise.  I am focused on my Lifestyle Business - because it is a better way to live (at least for me anyway.)

I'm an entrepreneur at heart and I love building my business.  There is a lot of satisfaction in doing what I do.  Two things have helped tremendously for me?.

Two Things That Have Helped Me When Life Is Not Fair?

Well actually three things...

  • I never give up!
  • Know Your Why
  • I plugged into a system that allows me to make very large commission checks (details below)

These three things have had a major impact on my life.  And I count my blessing everyday.  Friends of mine (in the picture below) helped me in discovering the power in this system.  

Life is not fair but you can crush it with this!

In the end, when life kicks you in the teeth, don't be a wuss, get up and fight.  The rise to a new level is so satisfying. 

Hope you enjoyed this video.?

PS - If you are a baby boomer and are worried about the future then simply watch this video.

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I'm a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, avid traveler, and always seeking the next thrill.  My passions include leadership development, Call Center Performance and Digital Marketing.  Living life on my terms is the only way to live as far as I’m concerned. If you want to find out what I am doing then check it out here. I share the good, the bad and the ugly!